With Regional Air Service in Decline, NextGreatTrip Sees Growth in its Differentiated Charter Solution, Unveils Partnerships with Leading Hotels and Resort Communities

Chartered Jets Shave Travel Time, Improve the Flying Experience for Private Groups and Individual Travelers to Remote Resort Destinations Such As Aspen, Colo., North Bend, Ore. and Sea Island, Ga.

DENVER – (Aug. 15, 2014)NextGreatTrip, a first-of-its-kind charter service utilizing 30-150 passenger regional jetliners, has formed strategic partnerships with renowned resort operators throughout North America. Upscale resorts in locations like Aspen, Colo., and Sea Island, Ga., are partnering with the company to bolster demand from coveted inbound fliers - including private groups - to address the major decline in air service to regional airports nationwide. NextGreatTrip is part of a burgeoning industry that is providing solutions to commercial air woes. 

Second and third tier cities - often serving upscale resort destinations - have suffered the greatest loss as commercial airlines have consolidated, removed redundant flights and reduced service on less profitable routes. One of the destinations being served by NextGreatTrip, Telluride, Colo., recently announced it will be losing commercial air service entirely this September. With reduced supply, commercial ticket prices to resort destinations have risen dramatically. Passenger comfort has deteriorated as major carriers are packing in extra seats and operating planes that are on average 88 percent full, a historic high and the most crowded of any airline network in the world. 

NextGreatTrip (with one of its 50-passenger flights shown here at Centennial Airport in Denver) is part of a growing industry offering solutions to the woes of commercial air travel. 

To solve this air service and quality dilemma, NextGreatTrip is partnering with leading hotels and resorts to operate private chartered flights for groups of typically 20 to 50, and sometimes up to 150 travelers. NextGreatTrip works synchronously with its partners - such as those in Aspen, Colo., - to create and co-market travel packages from key cities during time periods of greatest value to them, filling vacancies and generating incremental food, beverage and ancillary revenue.  

“We are excited to be working with NextGreatTrip,” said Bill Tomcich, President of Stay Aspen Snowmass and the Executive Director of Fly Aspen Snowmass, a non-profit tasked with attracting and retaining air service into the region. “This partnership - which is a perfect complement to our commercial service - provides an efficient, upscale travel solution, allowing us to offer attractive packages to individual travelers and large groups at a competitive price.”

How NextGreatTrip is solving some of the woes of commercial air travel:

  • Makes “getting there” an enjoyable, relaxing experience for guests instead of something to be painfully endured on commercial airlines, which differentiates its partners’ travel packages from the competition.

  • Reduces travel time by 60-80 percent on average over commercial air travel. The service always offers direct flights and uses private terminals, eliminating the hassles of remote parking, long security lines and lugging baggage across sprawling airport facilities.

  • Simplifies and streamlines group travel, enabling groups to begin and end their trips together in an enjoyable and productive setting.

  • Offers a price point that is accessible to a wide range of consumers. Pricing is typically within 20 percent of commercial business class and there are no ancillary fees for baggage, meals, seat assignments, etc.

“An entire industry has been formed to solve the inefficiency and discomfort of today's commercial air travel. We are the first to specifically focus on full-service travel packages - for groups and individuals - to remote resort destinations using regional airliners, which offer a private jet like experience at a price point that is closer to commercial travel," said NextGreatTrip founder and CEO Tom Filippini. "Most of our growth is coming from private and corporate groups that recognize the benefits - mostly in terms of efficiency and comfort - our solution provides.”

Some of the resort communities the company is serving include Telluride, Colo., Sea Island, Ga., Colorado Springs, Colo., Aspen/ Snowmass, Colo., North Bend, Ore. (Bandon Dunes Golf Resort), Loreto Baja, Mexico, among several others.

“Unfortunately, the trend of commercial air carriers reducing or eliminating access to resort destinations and removing - or at least adding fees - for basic passenger services won’t be improving anytime soon,” Filippini said.  “Our growing partnerships with leading resorts underscores that there had to be a more comfortable and efficient way for individuals and groups to travel.”

NextGreatTrip typically uses 30-50 passenger regional jets with spacious seating and first-class service. 

The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colo., a AAA Five-Diamond and Forbes Five-Star resort, has partnered with NextGreatTrip, creating weekend getaway packages originating in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City travelers normally must endure a 20-hour roundtrip drive or commit 13+ hours to reach Colorado Springs via commercial air. In comparison, guests of NextGreatTrip will enjoy a relaxed four hours of roundtrip travel from the convenient Wiley Post airport just seven miles from downtown, directly to a private terminal, 15 minutes from The Broadmoor.

The company aims to usher travelers back into the golden era of air travel: elegant, convenient, with no parking or baggage fees or TSA security lines. “Vacations and getaways have always been fun, now we’re putting the fun back in flying for individual and group travel,” Filippini said.




About NextGreatTrip
Introduced in 2013, NextGreatTrip is a boutique travel company that orchestrates premium package vacations incorporating the convenience of private charter flights for individual travelers and private groups of any size, including meetings and retreats for corporate, professional and charitable organizations, milestone birthdays, celebrations and more. It is a Department of Transportation certified Indirect Air Carrier with an extensive proprietary network of aircraft to suit a variety of travel needs. NextGreatTrip is currently developing new resort partnerships and offering full-service private group getaways by private charter jet. Learn more at NextGreatTrip.com or (303) 931-7347.