This September, we had the opportunity to work with Telluride Film Festival and to help arrange a round trip charter flight from Los Angeles to Telluride for the 41st Telluride Film Festival on Labor Day weekend. Telluride is located in a breathtaking but remote corner of Colorado, nestled high in the San Juan Mountains, and recently, lost all commercial air service. This eliminated an easy way for out-of-state festival attendees to get to Telluride, so our NextGreatTrip team helped arrange a chartered round trip flight to ensure no one missed the world's best celebration of film.

“The Telluride Film Festival may be the world’s best film festival for the most die-hard movie fans and, given how challenging it is to get to, it’s not for people making last minute plans.”

Revelry on Main Street

For those of you who are not familiar with the Telluride Airport, it sits on top of a plateau near a box canyon and is the highest commercial airport in the United States. The surrounding 14,000 foot mountains, shorter runway, and high elevation mean that only a handful of smaller jets and turboprops can safely get into and out of the airport.

Abel Glance Theater against a sapphire Colorado evening sky

Since our guests wanted to travel together as a group, we knew we could not get them into Telluride on one flight, so we arranged to fly into the nearby Montrose Airport on an MD-83 jet, which comfortably seats 120 passengers. Our NextGreatTrip team handled all of the public charter filing paperwork and record keeping to ensure that the Film Festival was in compliance with the US Department of Transportation. Part of this involved working directly with the air carrier as well as managing the passenger manifest, catering needs and other travel logistics. Once everything was taken care of and it was time for the flight to take place, the film aficionados, producers, directors, and actors, were seamlessly transported to and from Montrose/Telluride Airport (MJT) and enjoyed an amazing cultural weekend at one of the premier film festivals in the world.