We’re excited to share our tentative destination “Route Map” for 2013-14! This list is by no means final, but provides a glimpse into destinations we’d like to help you explore. With private, members-only chartered flights, just imagine the possibilities! We’ve chosen destinations that have major fun factors and would otherwise be nearly impossible to reach from DIA without a massive headache (and broken bank).

Just a few examples:

Lake Powell houseboat weekend after just a 50 minute flight (skip the 18 hour r/t drive!), overnight out-and-back to San Diego to see the Broncos whoop up on the Chargers, Sea of Cortez beach weekend in the quaint Baja town of Loreto (better beaches and none of the Cabo mayhem!), spa/golf Bandon Dunes or Dismal River/Sand Hills (can you handle 90 holes in 3 days total trip time?) without the usual 2 travel days. Catch our drift?!

That’s what makes us most excited…we’ll be going places – with friends old and new – that we may never have otherwise experienced simply because of the hassle & expense of getting there on commercial flights. And when you come along with us, you basically get 2 extra days of vacation because of the timing and efficiency of our flights.

Here’s what we considered when searching for potential 2013-14 destinations:

- Great Places that are full of recreational activities (pristine beaches, iconic golf courses, fabulous spas, stunning national parks, fun family activities, epic mountain adventures, spectacular sporting opportunities, remarkable wineries, etc.)

- Great Places that are otherwise a huge pain (and expense) to reach from Denver because of the limitations and hassle of commercial air service

- Great Places that are under a 3 hour direct flight from Denver

Our Great Trips are focused on:

- Family get together’s during school breaks, when commercial air travel is most expensive/inconvenient (and accommodations most difficult to book). We make it easy (and awesome), always timing our flights to maximize the limited amount of time together with your kiddos. A Spring Break Belize beach and jungle adventure is top of our list.

- Adult escapes to Great Places that are otherwise a headache to get to. Imagine flying direct to Sonoma Airport to conveniently experience the “crush” in October or learning how to surf with your honey in La Jolla.

- Spontaneous jaunts to iconic sporting/entertainment events. Bronco’s on the road, Jazz Fest in New Orleans, The Kentucky Derby…limitless opportunities for huge fun!

Thanks for checking out our tentative Route Map for 2013-14.  The first 20,000 miles look pretty awesome and there’s an exciting road far beyond that!

Specific details, travel dates and pricing COMING SOON! Please contact us at info@nextgreattrip.com to learn more about future destinations.