It’s our people that perfect your journey.  They do all the research, scrupulously evaluate each destination, form their own opinions and document every aspect with their photos, videos and words.

They’re an endlessly curious bunch and are always in search of the next great place. Please meet the team behind the scenes of NextGreatTrip.

Your NextGreatTrip Team

Melissa Hansen

Growing up in northern Michigan, much of my time was spent competing as a figure skater across the United States and Canada. After graduating from college, I moved to Vail, Colorado where I created a corporate recruiting arm for Vail Resorts, which has become a cornerstone of their executive hiring process.

My love of travel and creating great experiences led me to join Exclusive Resorts, the world’s preeminent luxury destination club, where I built their Once in a Lifetime travel segment. I crafted trips that took families and friends on luxury African Safaris, privately-guided Patagonian ski adventures, customized Mediterranean and Baltic yachting experiences, Galapagos Island expeditions, and countless other memorable journeys.

Through my work in the hospitality industry, I have had the pleasure of traveling to far reaching corners of the globe such as Africa, Argentina, Europe, and the Caribbean.

I joined NextGreatTrip because of its mission to take the stress, guesswork, and pain out of travel planning. I believe the most important part in planning travel is having the ability to anticipate travelers’ needs and meticulously research destinations, accommodations, activities, and restaurants so that no detail is overlooked.

I will be crafting and guiding many of your journey’s with NextGreatTrip and look forward to experiencing this amazing world with you!


Allen Cowgill

I have been passionate about travel and aviation for my entire life.  I started flying airplanes before I could even drive a car…at age 12! I’m now an instrument-rated pilot and am responsible for NextGreatTrip’s relationships with air carriers, among other roles. Of paramount importance to me is flying our guests seamlessly and safely to each of our destinations.

Originally from Cincinnati, I’ve been a curious traveler for my entire life. Though I now reside in Denver, I’ve previously lived in Madrid, Spain and Brisbane, Australia.

My favorite travel experiences include rafting on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica, bare boating the Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Australia, and kayaking in Oaxaca.

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, and previously worked for Exclusive Resorts for nearly a decade.  I’m an avid skier, cyclist, and hiker.  


Amy Wofford

I was born and raised in a small town outside of Omaha, Nebraska.  My parents are responsible for instilling a passion for travel and experiencing the world. We were always hopping in the car for a new adventure – East Coast tour in the minivan, numerous camping trips with the pop-up, Hawaiian explorations, countless ski trips and more.

I’ve since extended my passion for travel by visiting El Salvador on multiple occasions, the Dominican Republic, countless European countries and even China.

Through all of these experiences, I have found tremendous joy in exploring foreign lands and new cultures. I am honored to be part of the NextGreatTrip team and look forward to helping you create lasting memories with your friends and family. Cheers to the journey!


Tom Filippini – CEO and Founder

I caught the travel bug hard when I was tossed the keys to my Mom’s rusty 1984 Chevy Suburban my freshman year of college. In a flash, I was on my own, overwhelmed by a sense of freedom and anticipation. For the next 4  years – I served as a veritable tour guide, dragging friends on road-trip adventures that logged over 100,000 miles and spanned 47 of the lower 48 states.

When my nose should have been in a textbook, it was hovering over a map…dreaming up the next route.

I was completely hooked on creating experiences for people that exposed them to places they probably wouldn’t have ventured to on their own.

Ultimately, my passion for discovery led me to launch a career in the travel business. In 2002, at the age of 27, I co-founded my first travel company – Exclusive Resorts. We built ER into a genre-defining luxury travel brand that thrives to this day. During my time there, we delivered over 425,000 vacation days to all 7 continents, 25 countries, and 57 unique destinations…all with a 97% client satisfaction rate.

As we build NextGreatTrip – with the fundamental premise of flying directly to any destination we can dream up – I feel much the same sense of freedom and anticipation I did when I was handed the keys to that suburban. Though you can rest assured, there’s no rust on the airplanes.