With this post, I am pleased to introduce you to NextGreatTrip (NGT), an entirely new and exciting vacation concept from NextGreatPlace, Inc. We orchestrate full-service family vacations – complete with private, charter flights — to the world’s most spectacular vacation destinations.

If you grew up in Denver or know people that did, you’ve inevitably heard glowing stories about years of fabulous vacationing with Denver Ports of Call (PoC) – a dominant player on the Denver vacation scene from  1966 until 1989.

Having grown up in Chicago, I wasn’t fortunate enough to use PoC (my adventurous folks would’ve been all over it!), though I have tons of pals that did. Their stories are so impassioned that sometimes I feel like I was right there exploring the world with them.

As an avid traveler and aspiring private pilot, I was immediately enamored  by PoC and have spent the large majority of my personal and professional existence over the last several months working on modernizing and reincarnating a similar concept for today’s curious travelers.

Much more to come on this topic (I’ve become quite the PoC historian — even went to visit one of their retired planes today!), but in the meantime visit www.nextgreattrip.com to learn more. Thanks for checking it out!