Chartering a private jet can be a complicated process, especially when traveling as a group, but there are actually many situations where chartering a flight makes a lot of sense. That's why we’re here to make it easy and stress free for you.

We know that air charter isn't always the best travel solution for our clients and we're the first to advise them when it's not. We find that our "sweet spot," when the cost of charter comes in line with that of business class, is 20-50 passengers. And the more the merrier. 

When it's the right application, the return on investment of a charter flight, both financial & intangible, can be staggering.

Oh, and we'll be the first to tell you that air charter is rarely, if ever, going to cost less than a coach airline seat on a pure dollar for dollar basis. We sometimes get that question. But you’ll find the experience and the value of your time saved is exponentially better than flying commercial. 


For larger groups (typically 8 or more) traveling to places that are underserved by the airlines, charter can make a ton of sense. With charter, you won't have to worry about connecting flights or long drives to the final destination. 

Also, without getting into too much airplane-speak, the larger the group, the better because the "cost per seat" goes down as the aircraft size goes up. Visit this link to learn more about "How to Charter."


For individuals or small groups traveling between destinations with frequent, reliable commercial air service, it's generally more economical, albeit more painful, to fly the airlines. While we're happy to get you an aircraft in these situations, we'll be transparent in also recommending alternatives. 

Just a few factors to consider when evaluating the "practicality" of charter: 

Samed time = Saved money

Saved time = saved money

Shave hours, in some cases even days, off your travel time. Eliminate unnecessary en-transit hotel overnights, lengthy ground transportation and increasing airline “exclusions” (baggage, seat assignments, boarding priority, meals, drinks, parking & other amenities). Pack more activity into fewer days, spend less time away from the office and family. 

Land closer to the action

Land closer to the action

Less than 400 of the 5,000 paved airports in the U.S. have consistent airline service. Service to smaller, regional airports is in steady decline. Charter flights are a practical - if not only - option for reaching these smaller airports, which are often the launch pad to the greatest places.

Maintain your sanity

Maintain your sanity

Don’t let the rigors of commercial travel diminish your experience. No more hunting for parking, security mazes, flight delays, layovers, connections, rental cars, or lost luggage.

Travel on your terms

Travel on your terms

Get more out of your precious time away by designing your own flight schedule. If you're a little late, don't worry. The plane will be waiting for you. 

Enjoy the camaraderie

Enjoy the camaraderie

Flying by private plane to far-flung places with family, friends or colleagues is one of those unforgettable shared life experiences you'll be reminiscing about for the long haul.

One Example of Flying Charter vs. Commercial

This is a representative trip for a golf getaway from Denver to Bandon Dunes. If you were to depart on a Thursday and return on a Sunday evening, this is what your travel experience would look like commercially compared to utilizing chartered flights. 

Denver to Bandon Dunes
Denver to Bandon Dunes Flight Routes

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